Silk sisters - Aerial Acrobatics, fire,
l'locho The L'ocho
Two hoops connected together that spin in-sync beautifully creating a very special aerial act. Unlike any other apparatus, the L'ocho allows the Silk Sisters to combine speed and breath-taking poses to a new level.
Min height requirment: 15 feet
chandralira aerial acrobatics Chandalira Act
This unique Aerial apparatus can be performed as a doubles or triples act or in in-sync multiples. The Chandalira creates that Cirque essence for all styles of events and is a wonderful option if your choice of venue has a low ceiling.
Min height requirement: 11 feet

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kabuki- aerial acrobatics Kabuki Hoop Act
The Kabuki Hoop is an original aerial apparatus created by the Silk Sisters.Its hypnotic spin and array of beautiful poses creates an outstanding Triples act for any occasion.
Min height requirement: 15 feet

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hammock-aerial act Hammock - Atmosphere or as an Act
The Hammock is an excellent choice for creating the cirque ambience while your guests arrive. Rigged in a teardrop shape, the Hammock allows people to walk beneath the Silk Sisters while they perform and is fabulous in a single or multiple set up. Another great apparatus for venues with low ceilings.
Min height requirement: 13 feet

tissue-aerial acrobatics Doubles and Triples Tissue Act
These "Jaw dropping" aerial acts are a showstopper for sure. Silk Sisters created these one-of-a-kind performances and incorporated some of their death defying aerial stunts which is now two of their signiture acts.
Doubles min height required: 15 feet
Triples min height required: 20 feet

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single hoop-aerial Single Hoop Doubles Act
This doubles act is a gorgeous medley of intertwining poses as the hoop spins mesmorizingly fast. An excellent aerial act for any event and is also perfect for low ceiling venues.
Min height requirement: 12 feet
solo-tissue-aerial Tissue - Atmosphere or as an act
The Tissue is one of the more popular aerial apparatuses. Performed as atmosphere (10 min sets) or as an act (5 min set), Silk Sisters provide the power and grace which bring the Tissue to life.
Min height requirement: 14 feet
solo hoop-aerial Hoop - Atmosphere or as an act
The hoop is a very pretty apparatus, which is why it is so versitle as atmosphere or as an act. The hoop can be rigged solo or in multiples.
Min Height requirment: 10 feet




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